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Winter 2009Mercury Magazine

Contents and Select Excerpts
Vol. 38 No. 1
Winter 2009

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Page Article
12 Dark Night, Rowena Davis
Around the world, the dark of night is vanishing. The International Dark-Sky Association is leading the movement to save our starry skies.
18 Imaging the Universe Online, Paul Deans
The Internet contains so much stuff it should be called the UWW (Universe Wide Web), but you need to know where to look to uncover the best images of the cosmos.
24 Time-Domain Astronomy, John Avant
The first 120 years of night-sky record keeping, a heritage that largely resides on photographic plates, is in danger of being lost.
29 Astronomy in the News
Dating small craters on Mars, images of extra-solar planets, and an update on a 'cosmic ghost' -- these are some of the discoveries that have recently made news in the astronomical community.

4 Editorial, Paul Deans
The View From Above
5 First Word, James G. Manning

6 Astronomer's Notebook, Jennifer Birriel
Night Sky Brightness
7 Planetary Perspectives, Daniel D. Durda
Planetary Science in the Red
8 Armchair Astrophysics, Christopher Wanjek
Tales From the Edge of the Universe
9 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
50 Years Ago: Rotation in the Solar System
10 Annals of Astronomy, Clifford J. Cunningham
How Long Is a Year?
11 Education Matters, David Bruning
Thinking About Thinking
35 Society Scope/ASP Supporters
40 Sky Sights, Paul Deans
The Sky of February, March, and April
43 Reflections, Paul Deans
Take the IYA Beyond 2009