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Autumn 2008Mercury Magazine

Contents and Select Excerpts
Vol. 37 No. 4
Autumn 2008

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Page Article
14 A Meeting of Giants, William Sheehan
It was likely only a brief, casual meeting between John Milton and Galileo Galilei, but Paradise Lost reveals that Milton was influenced by the encounter.
19 A Russian Adventure, Tanya Phillips
The wonders of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Czar's waterways in between are revealed on a journey that ends with totality in Siberia.
24 Seven Wonders, C. Renée James
You don’t have to buy a telescope, learn your constellations, or travel to the boondocks to observe some of the most amazing things in the universe.
29 Astronomy in the News
Liquid lakes on Titan, a 'cosmic ghost,' and the gravitational attraction of matter lying beyond the observable universe -- these are some of the discoveries that have recently made news in the astronomical community.

4 Editorial, Paul Deans
5 First Word, James G. Manning
An Astronomical Bucket List

7 Astronomer's Notebook, Jennifer Birriel
Shaping Bipolar Planetary Nebula
8 Planetary Perspectives, Daniel D. Durda
Rise of the Veiled Planet
9 Armchair Astrophysics, Christopher Wanjek
Radio Dishes and Black Holes
10 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
60 Years Ago: Encke's Comet
11 Annals of Astronomy, Clifford J. Cunningham
Banned Books
12 Education Matters, David Bruning
Fall: A Season of Renewal
13 Societal Impact, Michael G. Gibbs

35 Society Scope/ASP Supporters
40 Sky Sights, Paul Deans
The Sky of November, December, and January
43 Reflections, Ken Hewitt-White
Rethinking the Remote Dark-Sky Site