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Summer 2008Mercury Magazine

Contents and Select Excerpts
Vol. 37 No. 3
Summer 2008

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Page Article
16 The Universe: Yours to Discover
These eight mini-articles describe a few of the many activities that will be available to educators and amateur astronomers during the IYA2009.
32 Astronomy in the News
Mercury's volcanic surface, another red spot on Jupiter, and new views of the Milky Way -- these are some of the discoveries that have recently made news in the astronomical community.

4 Editorial, Paul Deans
Five Months and Counting
5 First Word, James G. Manning
A Personal Sky

7 Astronomer's Notebook, Jennifer Birriel
Citizen Science
9 Planetary Perspectives, Daniel D. Durda
Weekends at the Smithsonian
10 Armchair Astrophysics, Christopher Wanjek
The Sun as a Dark Matter Factory
11 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
90 Years Ago: An Eclipse Expedition
12 Annals of Astronomy, Clifford J. Cunningham
Johann Wurm and the Missing Planet
13 Education Matters, David Bruning
Who’s Your Hero?
14 Societal Impact, Michael G. Gibbs et al
ASP's EPO in the IYA

36 Society Scope
40 Sky Sights, Paul Deans
The Sky of August, September, and October
43 Reflections
Interacting Galaxies