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Winter 2008Mercury Magazine

Contents and Select Excerpts
Vol. 37 No. 1
Winter 2008

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Page Article
14 The Mystery of Dark Energy, Robert Naeye
Contrary to expectations, the expansion of the universe is accelerating. The force behind this acceleration has a name -- dark energy -- but to date, little else is known about it.
20 Melted Crumbs from Asteroid Vesta, Linda M.V. Martel
Micrometeorites found at the bottom of a South Pole water well are giving researchers clues as to the chemical composition of a distant asteroid.
24 Astronomy in the News
From a new age for Saturn’s rings to colliding white-dwarf stars and a new appreciation for the evolution of galaxies, here are some of the latest discoveries that have recently made news in the astronomical community.

4 Editorial, Paul Deans
Turning Points
5 First Word, Jim Manning
Shadow Play

7 Astronomer's Notebook, Jennifer Birriel
Type Ia Supernovae Progenitors
8 Planetary Perspectives, Daniel D. Durda
HDTV Earthrise
9 Armchair Astrophysics, Christopher Wanjek
UHECR . . .
10 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
Comet Holmes
11 Annals of Astronomy, Clifford J. Cunningham
John Dee at 400
12 Education Matters, David Bruning
What Do We Keep?
13 Societal Impact , Vivian White and Tierney O’Dea
Slooh for Schools

28 Book Corner
Disney Learning: Wonderful World of Space by Andrew Fraknoi
30 Reflections
Pickering's Triangle
32 ASP 2008 Meeting, Andrew Fraknoi
Preparing for the International Year of Astronomy
35 Society Scope/ASP Supporters
40 Sky Events, Richard Talcott