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Jul/Aug/Sep 2007Mercury Magazine

Contents and Select Excerpts
Vol. 36 No. 3
Summer 2007

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Page Article
12 Now, Voyager, Erica Naone
Three decades since their launch, the twin Voyager spacecraft continue to be two of humanity’s most important emissaries.
18 The Touch of Astronomy, Noreen Grice
Most people take for granted the visual gratification that astronomy provides, but it is possible to turn astronomy into a tactile experience for the visually impaired.
24 Astronomy Education Review -- Astronomy Education Joins the Mainstream, Andrew Fraknoi and Sidney Wolff
Five years ago a new journal for astronomy education was created, and now education researchers have an appropriate venue for presenting and sharing their ideas and practices.

30 Hot Science in the Classroom: One High School Science Teacher's Dream Come True, Gretchen Stahlman
Putting teachers and scientists together to conduct research is good for both, but it is perhaps the students who benefit the most.
4 Editorial, James C. White II
Finding Home
5 Armchair Astrophysics, Christopher Wanjek
Black Holes Under Attack

6 Planetary Perspectives, Daniel D. Durda
DEPTHX Takes the Ultimate Plunge
7 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
The Promise of the 200-inch Telescope
8 Astronomer's Notebook, Jennifer Birriel
Hyades Highlights
9 Annals of Astronomy, Clifford J. Cunningham
Copernicus in Hades?
10 Societal Impact , Suzy Gurton and Michael Gibbs
Direct to the Teachers
11 Education Matters, David Bruning
Dualism and the Post-Modern Student
38 Sky Events, Richard Talcott

42 Society Scope
46 Works of Note